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This is why I'm just a little crazy

Sometimes Aaron calls me in the middle of the day, and after I answer the phone he immediately says, “Uh oh, what’s happened?”  This.  Just this.

Me:  Do y’all want me to make one of those frozen pizzas we bought for lunch today?

Sydney:  Well, I don’t really like pizza.

Me:  You like cheese pizza.  Remember, yesterday when we were at the store you said you didn’t like pepperoni like your sisters, so we bought a cheese pizza just for you?  I can make that.

Sydney:  I like cheese pizza, but not if it’s too cheesy.

Me:  Too cheesy?  What’s the line between just enough cheese and too much cheese?

Sydney:  You know, if you take a bite and all the cheese stretches out.  I don’t like that, it’s too cheesy.

Me:  Ok, so it’s really the stretchiness, or the elasticity, if you will, of the cheese you have a problem with, not the taste of said cheese.

Sydney:  No, it’s the taste, too.  Sometimes it just tastes too cheesy.

Me: ………..

Sydney: ………..

Me:  So why don’t I make a pepperoni pizza and take the pepperonis off of your slices?

Sydney:  Perfect!


  • Matt

    Ummm….would you like me to bring you a Hot-n-Ready Aaron? Pretty sure you’d have something to say about that…no doubt Syd picked that up from her Daddy!

    • Aaron

      That’s disgusting matt. You can’t compare a frozen pizza with a pizza that was cooked 9 hours ago and has been left to ferment under a heat lamp while the cheese slowly reaches a spot that is somewhere between runny egg yolk and not-quite-hardened krazy glue with a crust that reminds me of that time that I spilled an entire jar of liquid bacon grease onto my flip flop.

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