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The magic of Band-Aids and the true healer

Gwendolyn:  I can’t clean my

Me:  Why not?

Gwendolyn:  I’m sick.

Me:  How are you sick?  You were fine earlier.           

Gwendolyn:  (limping) I hit my toe.

Me:  Here’s a Band-Aid….does that feel better?

Gwendolyn: Yes!

Me:  Awesome, get back to work.

Boom!  That’s how you parent.  Stubbed toe?  Grab a Band-Aid.  Itchy mosquito bite?  Slap a Band-Aid on it.  Your sister hurt your feelings?  Here, let’s put a Band-Aid on your heart.  We’ll even make it a special Frozen one.  If there was a scale of quick fixes, Band-Aids would be somewhere between the offer to cut off the hurt part (dad) and feel better kisses (mom).

I know one day my kids are going to come to me with something a Band-Aid can’t fix.  A broken relationship, a bully at school, self-doubt, or any of a million other things that beat up our children’s hearts.  I know one day a kiss, cuddle and Band-Aid won’t do the job.  So even as I revel in the quick fix of a Band-Aid now, I want to help my kids understand and develop those things that really heal.  I want them to know they can always come to me or their father with their problems – no matter how big or small – and we’ll be there for them.  I want them to know, deep inside with no doubt, that they are beautiful, lovable and worthy just as they are.  Most of all I want them to know that the true healer is God.  That He doesn’t just put a Band-Aid on to cover the hurt – he penetrates the hurt.  He heals it from the inside.  He renews, redeems, transforms and restores all that ugliness that this life can throw at them.   They’re never alone.  They’re never unloved.  They always have a safe place to go for comfort and peace.

And while they grow and learn all that, I’m going to buy stock in Band-Aids.


  • Eileen

    I absolutely believe that stock in band aids is an excellent idea! I also know that your children will always feel like they can come to you. You dont judge them, your on their side and you listen! Thats the big one. I love reading your blog. Its not biased, it is fun and i also learn new things!

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