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Let me tell you a little story about the best dad ever.

I don’t want to brag (much), but it takes a special guy to be an awesome dad to three girls. I’ve known for years now that my husband was pretty great when it came to being a good father to our daughters – that one year when he requested pink camo pants for his birthday gave it away – but this past Friday he leveled up.

It started Thursday night when he told our kids that he would be going to an Astros game with a friend right after work, so he may not see them before bed the next night. Mostly he was warning them since one or two of our kids are late sleepers. He didn’t want them to freak out when they woke up after he left for work and realized they wouldn’t see him all day.

Gwendolyn, our five year old, is going through a little bit of a clingy stage right now. As Aaron was getting ready to leave Friday morning, she gave him a big hug.

Gwendolyn: I’m really going to miss you.

Aaron: I know, I’ll miss you too, but I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Gwendolyn: Hold on, I have something for you. (Runs up stairs)

Aaron looks at me with raised eyebrows. I shrug.

Gwendolyn: (Walks to Aaron with her hands cupped protectively around something) Here. You can take this so you have something to remember me by.

He looks down to see a small, blue My Little Pony in his hand.

Aaron: Uh…thanks…But, you know, it’s not like I’m going to Canada, right? I’ll be back late tonight.

Gwendolyn: I want you to take her.

Aaron: Oooookkaaaay. What’s her name?

Gwendolyn: Rah Rah Heartstrings.

So my husband left for the day with a hug from a little blonde five-year-old in a pink princess nightgown, his laptop, Astros hat, and Rah Rah Heartstrings.


Throughout the rest of the day, in the middle of all his normal busyness, he texted pictures to let Gwen know that he was keeping Rah Rah Heartstrings with him.

Rah Rah had a busy day. She got to visit the shop floor and see the big trucks. She also got to help Gwen’s dad work on the computer for a while.

She even got to hang out with Rick, the Production Manager. You can tell he was really excited to meet her.


When Gwen’s dad went to meet with some of his customers, Rah Rah got to ride along in his pocket.

7_pocketWhen she got bored of the pocket, he let her sit on the dashboard.


Gwen’s dad’s customer had some big trucks Rah Rah got to look at.


While waiting for a driver to come pick them up, Rah Rah hung out for a little while outside, but August in Houston is no joke, so they went inside for some air conditioning.

Luckily, Darrin came soon and they were back on the road.

14_driverThey went back to the shop, where Gwen’s dad let Rah Rah sit on his desk and pick out some candy for the kids.

At the end of the day they left work and headed for the Astros game.

By then Rah Rah had worked up quite an appetite, so Gwen’s dad shared his nachos with her.


She also got to hang out with Gwen’s dad’s friend, Scott.


The end of the game was exciting since the Astros won (Go ‘Stros!), and there were lots of fireworks.

Gwen’s dad finally got home, long after Gwen had gone to sleep. He was really nice and brought Rah Rah Heartstrings back to her friend.

22sleepingI’m not sure who liked all of these pictures more, Gwendolyn or her mother. I do know that I’ve already been asked multiple times a day to look through them again. (Not always by Gwen, so heads up, Aaron – next time you may get something to carry that’s bigger than a mini pony).

Sandra Samoska is a writer with a love for Jesus and a love for family. When she's not chasing around her four kids and doing all the things, you can find her writing about the ways God shows up in our every day lives.


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