first day of school playlist
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First Day of School Playlist

Note: Sense of humor STRONGLY recommended. If this does not describe you, I recommend bypassing this particular post. I won’t judge.


So. It’s the first day of school for my three girls, and like most things in life (weddings, vacations, trips to the grocery store), I have found that things are much more fun when you have a soundtrack to get you through the day. If I was in a movie, (or let’s face it, a tv show because I don’t have time for movies these days), I would have the absolute coolest soundtrack. The first day of school is such a big day it needed a playlist all its own.

7:00am: Packing lunches, fixing hair, eating breakfast, assuring each child that it’s going to be a great day where they will get the chance to see old friends and maybe even make some new ones.

We are Going to Be Friends – The White Stripes

first day of school playlist

7:30am: Hugging my new kindergartner one last time and watching as my babies climb on the bus.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

first day of school playlist

8:00am: Wow. It sure is quiet in this house. It’s only me and ONE other kid, who is still asleep. I kind of miss summer.

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

first day of school playlist

8:04am: It’s almost like I’m ALONE here. I don’t think I’ve been alone in about ten years.

I Stand Alone – Godsmack

first day of school playlist

8:10am: Wait wait wait. I can do whatever I want!

I’m Free – The Rolling Stones

first day of school playlist

9:30am: The toddler wakes up. I give him milk and breakfast and decide it’s a good day to dance. Son! Did you know we can play ANYTHING we want ALL DAY??

Day One (of the rest of our lives) – Matthew West

first day of school playlist

12:00pm: Still having fun, and partying with the toddler. Check it out, it’s almost nap time!

House Party – Sam Hunt

first day of school playlist

3:45pm: Watching out the window for the bus to pull up and drop off my three girls. The party is almost over – oh look, there’s the bus.

Without Me (Guess Who’s Back) – Eminem

first day of school playlist

3:50pm: How was your day? Did you like your teacher? Yes, you can have a snack. Did you make new friends? Yes, I can cut up an apple for you. Did you use your new school supplies? It’s ok, I can pick up the spilled milk, don’t worry about it.

Here It Goes Again – OK Go

first day of school playlist

6:00pm: Everyone is home, everyone is safe, and we’re all together again. They had a wonderful day of school, they loved seeing old friends and are looking forward to tomorrow. The noise is back, but it’s a good noise – a happy one.

Beautiful Day – U2

first day of school playlist

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