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Some Sunshine for This Rainy Day – Kids are Hilarious

I’ve been watching the news, gathering donations and checking in with family since 7am this morning. I’ve talked to strangers who became friends, prayed until I lost words, and cried over the pictures on the news. I’ve watched volunteers show up and be the hands and feet of Jesus, offering to help wherever they can because that’s all they can do.

My heart and mind are exhausted from all of the things I’ve seen and heard.

We’re holed up in our house now, watching the rain continue to pour down and hoping the creek nearby stops rising. I know that as hard as this has been, many of our neighbors have it so much worse. We’re continuing to put our trust in God, knowing He is present at such a time as this.

Because I needed a mental health break, I thought you may need one, too. So here is a list of some of the funny things my kids have said through the years. I hope it brings a little bit of sunshine into this difficult and heart wrenching day.

my babies


Sydney: Oh look, a cheetoh!
Layla: Gross, don’t eat that, it’s been out for like five hours.
Sydney: So it tastes like the last time you cooked something?


Me: Gwendolyn, go find your seat. Warmer…Warmer…Warmer….Hotter….
Layla: Red hot, red hot, you’re on fire!
Sydney: You’re like hot lava!
Aaron: You’re like Alice in Frozen!


Me: You really need to watch that movie.


Layla: Two boys at school are fighting over who gets to marry me.
Me: Are they just play fighting or real fighting?
Layla: Real fighting.
Me: Like hitting?
Layla: No, like rock, paper, scissors.


Layla: What are we having?
Aaron: Asian chicken salad or pasta.
Sydney: It looks a little funny. *Cough* I think it’s stuck in my throat. Don’t worry, I’m ok.
Gwendolyn: I think I’m allergic to this food. It makes me do this *makes gagging noises*.


Me: Y’all want to go get donut holes?
Sydney: Not donut holes. Just donuts with the holes.


Me: Do you remember our list for the store?
Sydney: We should write it down.
Me: I don’t have any paper, you’ll have to write it on your brain….what are you doing?
Sydney: I’m writing it on my forehead. With spit.


Sydney: Mom, can you text Santa?
Me: I don’t have his number.
Sydney: You can probably look it up on the Internet.
Me: What do you want to say to him?
Sydney: Dear Santa. My whole family is very nice. Except when we lose our temper and hit someone.
Me: That’s probably not the best choice for your opening statement.


Me: Remember to cough into your elbow.
Sydney: Mom, that’s too boring. I like to call it a “dab cough.”


Sydney: I think I’m allergic to big sisters.
Layla: Dear God, please give me patience.
Sydney: I’m pretty sure they give me hives.

pray for TX, pray for Houston


Sandra Samoska is a writer with a love for Jesus and a love for family. When she's not chasing around her four kids and doing all the things, you can find her writing about the ways God shows up in our every day lives.

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