a dad's perspective on having 8 kids for 5 days
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8 Kids for 6 Days: A Dad’s Perspective (Day 6)

a dad's perspective on having 8 kids for 5 days

Captain’s log, Day 6, February 5th, year of our Lord 2018

Alas, on the way to the coffee machine this morning I used my bare foot to discover a dog had pooped in the kitchen.

There must be something in the air.  All of the younglings had to be woken up for school

We have finished the last of the frozen waffles. If the current crew remain we shall need to make a third trip to the commissary.

They all seem to be getting used to the routine.  The only thing X had not done when it was time to leave for the academy was to brush his teeth.  Red politely encouraged him to brush faster.

Spunky had not yet awoken when we left.  Her shenanigans from the previous evening must have left her in need of restful slumber.

Red and X were dropped off kind-of on time again. Too easy.

Queen Matron tells me that Spunky has been unusually spirited this morning. The shenanigans from the previous evening must not have fully left her system.

Momma Fanta and the Pale Rider have returned!  Eureka!  They brought us alcohol!

Queen Matron says the house is much quieter.  Perhaps she will take a nap.

Captain’s log, Final Write Up

All in all, this has not been a disagreeable experience.  Red, X, Curly, and Spunky have been surprisingly well behaved and that has made the job of Queen Matron (and myself on a much smaller scale) a lot easier.  They take direction, they ask politely for things sometimes, and most of them are more or less potty-trained.

All that being said, when I return to only four young crewmembers in the domicile it will be a lot like that feeling one gets when the house is too cold and they go stand outside in the cold for five minutes and when they come back inside the house is a lot warmer.

Also, if there is a couple out there that already has three sets of twins and thinks to themselves…we should try and have another kid…they’re stupid.

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Sandra Samoska is a writer with a love for Jesus and a love for family. When she's not chasing around her four kids and doing all the things, you can find her writing about the ways God shows up in our every day lives.

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