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Being is Different than Doing

My oldest came home from a field trip today from the Museum of Natural Science. It was the last hurrah of her elementary career, and it put the cap on their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) unit.

Now, I love me some science museum. And I’m all about promoting STEM for our youth.

However, as we were talking about the trip today, my daughter made a comment about what she wants to be when she grows up, and referenced how much money she could make.

It made me think of that night a few months ago when we went to the middle school she’ll be attending to hear about the purpose of course selection.

“Think about the career path you want to pursue.”
“This one is good for college applications.”
“This elective helps you improve your test scores.”

And I ask myself…why do we insist on teaching our kids that what you do is what you will be?

Why is the answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” always a profession?

Because make no mistake, being and doing are two very different things.

what do you want to be

While I want my kids to have a job and enjoy what they do, at this stage of the game I’m far more concerned with them liking who they are.

When they grow up, I want my children to be kind.
I want them to be faithful and full of faith.
I want them to be trustworthy.
I want them to be honest, loving and compassionate.
I want them to be helpers.
I want them to be encouragers.
I want them to be people of integrity.

I want them to know that who they are, that who they will be, matters much more to me than the job they will hold or the position they will have.

And while part of growing up is figuring out what you want to do, the process of growing up produces who you will beClick To Tweet

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