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Have You Ever Wanted to Memorize Scripture?

When I first started studying the Bible, I was amazed by those people who could recite scripture verses from memory in all kinds of situations. I was astounded when my pastor could be right in the middle of a sermon on the book of Matthew, and then quickly pull in a verse from Isaiah without having to turn to that page in the Bible.

How did they do that?

Was it because they had been studying longer and harder than me?

Yet, as I kept studying over time, I found that I could usually remember pieces of verses, or maybe the main ideas of certain passages, but I was far from being able to quote anything word for word. And I was only successful in knowing where to actually find those passages about half the time.

But I wanted more.

I wanted to be able to know God’s word so well, to have it ingrained in my heart and mind so deeply, that I wouldn’t need to look it up when I needed it, because it would already be there.

Look at it this way.

When I go to my doctor and describe my symptoms, I expect her to know (or at least have an idea) of a diagnosis and course of treatment. I expect her to have enough knowledge of the human body in her memory that when I tell her what’s wrong she’s not going in the next room to ask Alexa or Google what’s wrong with me and how to fix it.

In the same way, when I find myself in a sad or scary or worrisome situation, I’d much rather be able to know what God says about it than to start frantically searching my Bible index for help.

So how was I supposed to do it?

I consider myself a fairly smart woman, and yet for a long time I just assumed that memorizing scripture was beyond me. It was a skill I didn’t possess and wouldn’t be able to learn without a lot of work. And yet, if I’m honest, I have to admit that if I can recite every word of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice (don’t judge), and if I can quote entire scenes from the movie The Sandlot, why would memorizing the word of God be beyond my scope? Why can’t I memorize it?

And why can’t you??

I’ve written a devotional that will take you on a four-week journey, day by day, through a process that will help internalize scriptures that will not only align you with God’s will, but comfort and assist you in times of struggle.

When it comes to memorizing anything, you are much more effective at it when you make a conscious effort to do it. Repetition is a key part of the process, as well as making personal links and associations to the information you are trying to retain. Each week will focus on one to two verses, and will give you a reference point for where they are found in the bible, practical ways and methods to memorize and internalize the verses throughout the week, as well as help to apply them to situations and people in your life.

How does it work?

If you’d like to give it a try, I’d love for you to sign up below. You’ll get an email from me each day for four weeks that will give the verse we’re working on, background and context of the scripture, ways to apply God’s Word to your life, and tips to help you in your memorization.

I hope to have you join me!

Sandra Samoska is a writer with a love for Jesus and a love for family. When she's not chasing around her four kids and doing all the things, you can find her writing about the ways God shows up in our every day lives.


  • mweyler

    One of the more effective ways I have used to memorize Scripture is an app that one of my friends told me about. It is called Bible Memory. It has quite a few neat options. My friend and I were memorizing Romans 8 using that app. Speaking of which, almost every time I have set out to memorize lots of Scripture, I have had the accountability of someone else doing it with me.
    So yeah for proposing to walk alongside!

    • Sandra

      Oh wow, I’ve never heard of that app. I’m going to check it out – I’m always looking for new ways to memorize passages. Thank you! And I agree, the accountability factor is incredibly important!

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