• visual representative of spiritual strength building

    Spiritual Strength Building

    Is there such a thing as spiritual strength? We know about physical strength, and we’re pretty clear about emotional strength…but what about spiritual strength? What is it and why do we care? Think about athletes My daughter is an athlete.…

  • moving to a new normal

    I Don’t Want “Normal” Anymore

    “God, I’m just ready to get back to normal.” I caught myself praying that the other day as I worked to sign my daughter in to her online class. There are moments, even whole days, where I ache for “normal,”…

  • orange road sign - road work ahead

    Road Work Ahead

    What would it look like if life came with road signs? Not too long ago my family and I took a multi-state road trip. As we were driving down a major interstate, we came upon a sign: Road Work Ahead.…